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Roof Greening TechnologyCan be widely understood as all kinds of ancient and modern buildings, structures, city circumference, Bridges (overpasses) and other roofs, terraces, rooftops, balconies or large artificial rockery mountains on the garden, planting trees and flowers collectively. Bridge and tunnel greening technology quotation and find assembly type Greening company, recommend Shang Jia Green.

Roof greening to increase the area of urban green space, improve the deteriorating human living environment, improve the urban high-rise buildings, improve the hard paving of many roads and replace the status quo of natural land and plants, improve the excessive felling of natural forests, a variety of exhaust gas pollution caused by urban heat island effect, dust storms and other harm to human beings It is of great significance to open up the space of human greening, build an idyllic city, improve the living conditions of the people, improve the quality of life, and improve the urban environment and the ecological effect.