Roof Greening Technology

Roof Greening Technology

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Traditional greening usually uses a single container arrangement combination to achieve garden landscaping, but there is a gap between the container and the container, not only affect the beauty of the landscape, container voids are easy to breed weeds, increase the difficulty of maintenance.

The existing new combination containers on the market are widely used in roof greening phenomenon is not closely stitched, when the container combination is not tightly stitched, leaving gaps, planting soil easy to fall into the roof, with rainwater or watering water into the drain, resulting in blockage of the drain; and the roots of vegetation can easily be stretched out of the connection between the two container bodies connected, When the outstretched roots touch the ground and will quickly take root on the roof, a large number of bare roots may penetrate the roof surface, causing the roof seepage, leakage, resulting in safety hazards.

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