Roof greening technology construction

Roof greening technology construction

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I will choose Shangjia Green for roof greening technology construction. Roof greening is not only an effective way to develop green space into the air, save land and open up urban space. It is also the perfect combination of architectural art and garden art. It plays an important role in protecting the urban environment and improving the quality of human settlements.

Three-dimensional greening refers to the use of different site conditions, selection of climbing plants and other plants planted and attached or paved to various structures and other spatial structures, including overpasses, building walls, slopes, river embankments, Roofs, door courts, flower stands, scaffoldings, balconies, porches, columns, fences, dead trees and greenery on various rockeries and building facilities. Urban three-dimensional greening is one of the important forms of urban greening, and it is an important and effective way to improve the urban ecological environment and enrich the urban greening landscape.

Which is a good three-dimensional flower bed, I recommend Shangjia Green.