Roof greening technology project

Roof greening technology project

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Buildings with green roofs should ensure structural safety. Greening planting loads should meet the load requirements of the planting façade, and factors such as moisture, wind and shock resistance should be considered.

The selection of home gardening plants should be well-adapted while adapting to the regional climate and natural environment, mainly woody or perennial herbaceous plants.

1 Indoor plants should choose leaf-floating plants with good tolerance, good plant type and non-toxicity. For outdoor plants, evergreen plants with good cold resistance and heat resistance should be selected.

2 For climbing and soil-cultivating plants, varieties with strong stress resistance and convenient maintenance should be selected, and the planting seedlings should be selected for more than 3 branches.

The soil hanging block is a medium with stable structure, loose and breathable, no odor, light weight, long service life, difficult to differentiate, and suitable for plant growth. The reference price of the vertical soil greening system is 1500-3500 yuan/m⊃2;

Prefabricated members shall be provided on the wall of the assembled green building (structure), and the members shall be connected with the structural members of the wall and maintain the integrity of the wall.