Bridge tunnel greening

Bridge tunnel greening

Product Details

The bridge and tunnel greening is a form of building greening with the vertical structure and the façade of the structure as the carrier. It is the form with the smallest footprint and the largest green area in the three-dimensional greening. It also has the minimum floor space and the minimum capital. Invest in the most effective way to achieve maximum eco-efficiency and improve the quality of urban landscapes.

1. Do not damage the bridge column, the bridge column greening skeleton installation is not punched on the bridge column.

2. The plant does not touch the bridge column, and the plant climbing guide net is installed and the bridge column surface is kept at a distance of 125px or more.

3. Facilitate the maintenance of the bridge column, select the ground brocade, and climb the deciduous climbing plants to facilitate the visual inspection of the bridge column after the winter leaves.

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