Wall greening

Wall greening

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The solidification molding property realizes the stereoscopic cultivation without basin. Reduce environmental problems such as aging and recycling of pots and pans. Which is good for slope protection and greening technology , Shangjia Green is worth recommending.

There is no pot planting, avoid plant roots, and achieve long-term cultivation of plants in a limited space; use vaporization to help plants fight extreme weather.

Without the cultivation of pots, it not only solves the problem of heat absorption in pots, but also becomes an effective measure for cooling, noise reduction and energy saving. How about roof greening technology?

The solidified and formed soil is not lost due to the erosion and scattering of wind and rain, and overcomes the influence of earth gravity and high-altitude wind in three-dimensional planting, and greatly reduces the hidden danger of dust pollution. Consult the home gardening quotation and come to know.