Wall greening project

Wall greening project

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The home-grown soil products have stable pore structure and high-quality cultivation characteristics without slab loss, which can effectively control the three-phase ratio of the soil and achieve excellent soil structure for different plant growth, which is convenient for effective control of water and fertilizer and data acquisition. And the application prospects of intelligent management.

Wall greening technology project, the advantages of prefabricated greening With the development of modern urban and rural areas, high-rise buildings, vertical and horizontal roads, and gradually reduced ground space, utilizing the front and rear of urban residents and roofs, indoors, windowsills, balconies, walls and other sporadic spaces or areas. With urban construction, beautifying the courtyard, accelerating the greening, purifying the urban air, and getting more and more attention from the urban people, family gardening can not beautify your home and beautify your heart.