Three-dimensional greening | Huazhong Agricultural University leaders care for alumni companies
- 2019-03-09-

Continuous rainfall does not stop the care of alumni companies from distant guests.

Warmly welcome the leaders of Huazhong Agricultural University to visit Shangjia Green

On March 5th, Li Mingjia, deputy secretary of the former party committee of Huazhong Agricultural University and vice president of the alumni association, former vice president and vice president of the alumni association Zhou Chengzao, director of the fund work office Yang Renhai and alumni visited Shangjia Green. Distinguished alumnus - Dr. Qi Zhiyong, Chairman of Hunan Shangjia Green Environment Co., Ltd. introduced the company's development history, technical characteristics and application scenarios of the soil in detail, and conducted a site visit to the newly completed factory after the meeting. In-depth exchanges were conducted on the application of barrier soils and fabricated architectural engineering. And further strengthen the integration mechanism with the university's production, learning and research.

Meeting room communication

New office visit

New factory inspection exchange

During this trip, the leaders of Huazhong Agricultural University conducted in-depth investigations on the technological advancement, originality, and systematic application of the products. The soil is a fusion system that integrates multi-disciplinary applications such as horticultural gardening, botany, architecture, environmental science, microbiology, soil science, automation control, marketing, etc. It also provides more talents for colleges and universities. A broad development stage, I hope this is a good starting point, and it can become a good platform for deepening and innovating the school-enterprise linkage model. The leaders unanimously expressed their confidence in the R&D cooperation between the land and the Huazhong Agricultural University's horticultural gardens and soil sciences, and the development and application of more fields in the future! This way of entering alumni and visiting alumni enterprises is conducive to the unity, communication and interaction among alumni, and also to integrate the resources of alumni and add vitality to the development of the alma mater and the motherland. Three-dimensional green quotation consultation to find Shangjia green.

Taking a group photo