Mr. Meng Xianmin, Secretary General of the Peat Industry Branch of the China Humic Acid Industry Association, visited Shang Jia for inspection and guidance.
- 2019-03-11-

On February 15, Mr. Meng Xianmin, Secretary General of the Peat Industry Branch of the Chinese Humic Acid Industry Association, went to Hunan Shangjia Green Environment Co., Ltd. to inspect. This is the first time that this association has conducted in-depth research and exchanges and research on the development of our land-based science and technology enterprises.

Accompanied by Dr. Qi Zhiyong, Chairman of Hunan Shangjia Green Environment Co., Ltd., Secretary General Meng Xianmin and his entourage conducted in-depth communication on the technological advancement, originality and systematic application of the products. At the same time, it also expressed confidence in the large-scale production of the soil and future applications in many fields!

Through the basic knowledge of the soil, the two sides analyzed and discussed the soil in the three-dimensional greening market. Secretary-General Meng Xianmin and his party especially made breakthroughs in the technical practice of the soil and solved the pain points in outdoor applications. The value of sustainable development is recognized.

This study not only comprehensively understands the advanced technology and science and technology enterprises of the land, but also plays an important role in promoting the development of the industry and the exchange, transformation and promotion of the subject technology. Shangjia Green has the advantage of roof greening technology .