Azerbaijan’s Minister of Construction praises the three-dimensional greening of “Ecology + Environmental Protection in China”
- 2019-03-11-

On October 15, Azerbaijan’s Minister of Construction, Samir, and the Director of the Free Trade Zone, Lazard, and his party visited the basement technology Changsha production base. Samir gave a high degree of recognition to a series of achievements made by the technology in the rapid development of the technology, especially to the achievements of the science and technology of the soil , and sent a message that the technology can contribute to the “One Belt, One Road” environmental protection and greening construction. Big power!

Dr. Zhiyong Yong introduced the development history of the soil, six advantages and development strategies and achievements in three-dimensional greening and prefabricated buildings. He also pointed out that the systematic solution of the environmental protection and greening project is very suitable for Azerbaijan in three-dimensional greening and ecological agriculture. The development of home gardening, etc., Samir highly recognized the development prospects of the land and technology!

After entering the ground-based technology manufacturing workshop, Samir has a strong interest in the automated production line with independent intellectual property rights. Dr. Zhiyong Zhi introduced him to the process of intelligent manufacturing, the products of different production lines, and the current use of the soil. The effect of the benchmark project.

Samir and Lazard have conducted in-depth discussions on the application of the soil in Azerbaijan's agriculture with Dr. Zhi Zhiyong. The two sides agree that the soil has its own unique advantages in ecological agriculture! Azerbaijan is a country that spans 11 climate zones. It has the natural advantages of climate and environment, and the agricultural market has great potential for development!

Finally, both parties expressed their intention to further enhance exchanges, promote capacity cooperation projects as soon as possible, and actively promote the cooperation projects to achieve a win-win situation!