The three-dimensional greening and soil standard module was successfully compiled into the "Changsha Construction Cost" in July 2018!
- 2019-03-11-

In July, the standard system of the soil and soil was successfully incorporated into the No. 157 "Changsha Construction Cost" in 2018 and officially published. This will undoubtedly inject great vitality into the partners who have been selling the land, and also use the high ground for each project. The construction side of the technology product once again ate a reassurance pill. Not much to say, the vertical greening company Xiaobian takes you to read the new section of "Changsha Construction Cost" on the ground.


Second in the same period

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Base standard module information

At the same time, let us review the information price of the three-dimensional greening base plate in the previous period.

The second cover of the same period

Second cover

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Information price of the base soil greening base

Please contact us for information on purchasing the green soil foundation.

With the rapid increase of population, urbanization brings a series of problems such as tight land supply, urban heat island effect and deterioration of ecological environment. Wall greening brings hope to improve the urban ecological environment. Wall greening has also received the attention of many greening engineering companies. However, domestic research on it is still insufficient. Many people in the industry are eager to understand the development of wall greening.

As a new direction of future urban development, more and more bold and novel three-dimensional greening methods are playing an increasingly important role in beautifying the urban environment and promoting the sustainable development of cities. The vertical plant wall of the botanist Patrick Blanc has found more ecological energy-saving concepts for the design of the vertical garden. While maximizing resources and protecting the environment, it also creates a harmonious symbiosis between man and nature. Benign relationship.

In addition to traditional climbing greening, balcony greening, wall greening, and roof gardens, in recent years, emerging roof farms, indoor wall greening, etc., are no longer limited in form to plant species and plant locations, introducing crops into the house. At the top, vertical greening is introduced into the interior, and the plants are cleverly integrated into the skyscrapers. They appear on the surface of various artificially created structures, and give full play to the space benefits.