Slope protection greening technology|Warmly welcomes the leaders of Hanma Group, Tenjin Entertainment Co., Ltd.
- 2019-03-11-

On the eve of the National Day, the leaders of the two major companies visited the base soil.

Editor's note


      On September 26, Chen Yu, Vice President of Hanma Group, and Liu Zhong, Investment Director of Tenjin Entertainment Co., Ltd., accompanied by Dr. Zhi Zhiyong, Chairman of Hunan Shangjia Green Environment Co., Ltd., learned about the soil in the company meeting room. The basic knowledge and application scenarios, as well as the in-depth discussion of many key technical data in the cultivation experiment of valuable Chinese medicines, and the in-depth exchange of the soil in the key planting techniques of functional plant medicinal active ingredients, This laid a solid foundation for the development of valuable Chinese medicine cultivation trials.

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I want to ask about the roof greening technology , of course, I have to know the good green!