What are the economic benefits of vertical green walls for life?
- 2019-05-10-

Vertical greening is also called three-dimensional greening. Urban three-dimensional greening is one of the important forms of urban greening. It is an important and effective way to improve urban ecological environment and enrich urban greening landscape. The development of three-dimensional greening can enrich the spatial structure of urban landscaping and the effect of urban three-dimensional landscape art, which will help to further increase urban green volume, reduce heat island effect, vacuum, reduce noise and harmful gases, and create and improve urban ecological environment. It can also keep heat insulation, save energy, and also retain rainwater to relieve urban sewage and drainage pressure.

In the context of increasingly tense ecological environment, indoor greening has become a trend, and the venues are mainly for office and household. Due to the limitations of indoor space, the green wall has become the best choice for many people. And the vertical green wall uses the adaptability of the plant roots to the growth space, and the water and soil as the plant growth medium realizes the growth of the plant on the vertical interface. This method is compared with the traditional plant in the plane growth green form. A breakthrough has truly realized the three-dimensional planting of plants in the vertical plane.

The vertical green wall system has the characteristics of small scale and high degree of artificialization, and has high commercial value for the taste and overall value of the whole building and even the whole place. Whether it is outdoor or indoor plant walls, it has improved the grade and taste of architecture and decoration, and there is no doubt that there are great business opportunities in economically developed areas.

The direct benefits of the vertical green wall include its own use value, the landscape benefits after the decoration and greening, and the potential value of the landscape function to attract people's desire to purchase. The indirect income refers to the economic benefits generated in the commercial process after the completion and the same ground area. The difference in economic returns generated in the business process.