Good depth! Analyze the vertical greening technology of space decoration
- 2019-05-14-

Vertical greening technology has become a highlight of space decoration in recent years. It can not only beautify, but also serve as a small ecosystem to build a living environment that is close to nature and beyond nature. Below, the assembled greening company, Shangjia Green, analyzes the vertical greening technology for everyone.

What is vertical greening technology?

It can be said that vertical greening technology is a concept that has been in a state of development. From the initial generalization of vertical surface greening to the subsequent greening of balconies, the concept of vertical greening has been changing with the needs of the market. Up to now, the development of vertical greening technology has become a concept corresponding to horizontal greening. It is a way to green the three-dimensional space. It uses scorpions, walls, poles, columns, etc. to plant vines, climbing plants and hanging plants to form non- Green form of the water level.

In a word, vertical greening is a method of greening in a three-dimensional space perpendicular to the ground.

Vertical greening technology can not only increase the artistic effect of the building, but also make the environment more neat and beautiful, lively and lively, and it has less land occupation, quick effect and high greening rate. Its role can be summarized as 3 points:

1, dust, cooling, noise, energy saving. Good vertical greening technology can decorate and improve indoor microclimate. The indoor temperature of “green wall” can be reduced by 3°C~4°C compared with the indoor temperature without “green wall”, while the humidity is increased by 20~30%, and it can be isolated. Noise, absorb dust, and reduce pollution.

2, beautiful, three-dimensional effect is good. The main material for vertical greening is vines, which are of various types. They are attached to climb rails or scaffolding to form beautiful "green walls" such as grapes, ivy, and scorpion.

3. Increase the green rate and save land. Vertical greening technology can make full use of every inch of land, improve greening area and green coverage. Scientific and reasonable vertical greening can repay the area occupied by buildings by equal area or even several times, and increase the per capita green area by about 0.5m2.

Assembled greening company - Shangjia Green found that the development of vertical greening technology has now shown a trend of globalization, diversification and scale, as an urban greening method integrating ecological, economic and ornamental benefits, vertical greening It has been highly praised by the United States, Germany, Japan, Singapore and other countries.