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The three-dimensional flower beds are blooming in the “Zhejiang Haining First World Garden Conference”
- 2019-03-11-

The land is shining in the "World Garden Conference"

The base soil is the protagonist there.
On April 27th, 20th, 20th, May 3rd, in the World Garden Conference held in Changan Flower Town, Zhejiang, China, our land and soil represent new environmentally-friendly materials and technologies.

Hanging over the mossy ground soil plant makes people shine

Miaomu Dacai Liu Sizhen led the design partners to visit and guide the earth and earth design

In the meantime, the people who visited our soil-based plant module products were full of praise and praise.

The plant plant's soil plant seedlings are thriving

World Garden Conference

On April 27th, 20th, 2018, the first World Garden Conference was held in Changan Flower Town, Zhejiang, China. The first World Garden Conference aims to build a global flower collaboration and exchange mechanism for China, a family horticultural market with unlimited development space, and jointly promote the development of the world flower industry. The conference gathered in the global horticultural industry leaders to discuss the future resources, new retail, new business and new business opportunities of the flower industry. In order to showcase the flourishing style of the flower industry, set the benchmark of the horticultural industry, accelerate the internationalization of China's flower industry, and improve the innovation of Chinese flower industry. Consumption level.
How about a three-dimensional flower bed , Shangjia Green gives you a different.