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Happy news! The base soil was successfully compiled into the "Sichuan Province Construction Engineering Quantity List Pricing Quota"
- 2019-03-11-

On June 19th, I received the latest news from the partner of Sichuan Earth and Earth, saying that the soil has been successfully compiled into the “Price Pricing Quota for Construction Projects in Sichuan Province”. Xiaobian entered the Sichuan Provincial Project according to the partners of Sichuan Earth and Earth. The cost information network has inquired about the notice. The quota standard has detailed specifications for the various process costs and materials. This will undoubtedly inject great vitality into the partners who distribute the land, and also use the high-tech high-tech for each project. The construction party of the product ate a reassurance. Not much to say, Xiaobian takes you to a snapshot of the "Sichuan Province Construction Engineering Quantity List Pricing Quota".

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