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Slope protection Greening Technology barrier soil plant wall in 2017 Central Agricultural Expo "in front of a green"!
- 2019-03-11-

The walls of the earthen plants are waiting for you at the Farm Fair.

November 17 2017 Central Agricultural Expo opened, the scene is a natural scene of vitality and harmony.

This agricultural fair on the first time of the Changsha Municipal Forestry Bureau, the overall layout of the rural ecological Hall and Limbaugh Pavilion, the area of 5000 square meters and 3000 square meters, the total area of 8000 square meters. The scene "Shanshui Lin Tian Lake grass is a life community" concept into the pavilion, the background of this real plant ecological wall is produced by Hunan Shang Jia Green Environment Co., Ltd., welcome you to come to take pictures, business negotiations.Greening Technology of slope protectionWhich one is good? Quietly tell you that Shang Jia Green is guaranteed.

National greening roving exhibition base soil plant wall case

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